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Vocal Studio Tip of the Day!

RELAXATION If you are tense, stressed, or upset it causes your vocal cords to become tight and to shorten. When your vocal cords become shorten and tense you can’t sing correctly, you can’t sing your full range, you lose resonance. It is important that you practice...

How do I then use psychology to the advantage of singing better?

Have you experienced a time when you felt sad and spoke to your friend over the phone and your friend could tell without looking at your face. Or have your conductor or coach ever told you to smile when you sing so that you produce a bright and happy sound? Indeed how...

The Truth About Nasal Resonance

A nasal sound is usually thought of as being harsh on the ears. Truth be told, all great singers who really project have a good deal of nasal resonance. When you sing, does any air at all come from your nose? A little should. Experiment!