Have you experienced a time when you felt sad and spoke to your friend over the phone and your friend could tell without looking at your face.

Or have your conductor or coach ever told you to smile when you sing so that you produce a bright and happy sound?

Indeed how you feel translates into how you sound.

Therefore to produce a bright forward, ringing, inspiring sound means you have to smile, raise your eyebrows and your cheekbones.

However, wouldn’t it be weird to do such actions on stage. Yes.

Therefore there must come a point after sufficient training where such techniques become second nature and internalized. Meaning you only have to smile slightly on stage without looking weird with an over exaggerated smile to produce just the same extremely bright and cheery sound.

How do you do that?

Here comes the psychological part. For psychology in itself is too hollow and intangible you need to do all those exaggerated smiling as mentioned previously first!

Then you start to think of your body producing sound waves that emit like a rainbow from the tip of your nose-bridge (this is where your sound should focus at) and flowing out with ease like a set of notes.

Imagine the colour and beauty of these notes just like you are watching a cartoon with birds chirping and animations of musical notes emitting from their cute tiny beaks.

This imagination translate to sending the vibration up there.

Since you have no buttons to press and no internal anatomy, then this is the only way to send the sound up and out, into a heaven-like lightness and beauty. So putting into perspective what do I mean when I mentioned about not being able to feel tangibly like playing a piano and yet having to smile excessively which is obviously a very conscious, feelable thing.

The smiling is only to aid in your imagination and feeling because the smiling in itself is so indirect. Using muscles to smile does not specially activate certain muscles in your body that move sounds upwards or change the quality of sounds as if your body is such a straight forward instrument where there is a spring, valve and string to everything.

No there isn’t! Its about feeling and things insides your body that happen but are hard to explain.

If fact as a singer, there is not really much need to know all these.

To sing a happy sound just look and think happy.