If you are tense, stressed, or upset it causes your vocal cords to become tight and to shorten. When your vocal cords become shorten and tense you can’t sing correctly, you can’t sing your full range, you lose resonance. It is important that you practice relaxation exercises as a daily routine so that you can condition yourself, or simply WILL-YOURSELF to …become relaxed.

You should be able to become relaxed at the snap of a finger. You can’t do this, unless you practice relaxation exercises consistently. Here are simple daily exercises you should practice a few minutes through out the day.

  • Sit down in a comfortable chair.
  • Tighten up your fists, now suddenly relax it, let it go limp.
  • Now do the same thing with the leg muscles.
  • Tense them up and then purposely take control over these muscles and make them go limp, relaxed, and totally under your control.

The most important tension / relaxation exercise is the jaw muscle. Do the same procedure with the jaw muscles.