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Your vocal coach will develop you in these core areas:


ear training, harmony, intonation


raspy, breathy, brassy


terminology, mic technique, production


full voice, mixed voice, falsetto


annunciation, vowel modification


structure, melody, lyrics


projection, vibrato, flow


stage fright, movement, interaction


physical, psychological, emotional
“VocalStudio’s training style is unlike any other vocal coach I’ve ever been to. It combines vocal coaching with professional recording techniques. An invaluable experience for any artist starting out or continuing to work on their craft.”
Aaron Williams

Artist, Toronto, Canada

What you can expect in the first 5 sessions

At VocalStudio, we recognize that your singing style should be unique. Our approach will strengthen your core singing technique and give you the tools that help you sound incredible, increasing your confidence in 3 simple steps:


Explore the fundamentals of your unique voice, from anatomy to mental approach


Build a personalised lesson plan to improve areas of weakness and build upon areas of strength.


Record your voice professionally, so that you can effectively communicate your creative vision in every recording.

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“Your coach will be with you in the process of understanding the soul of a song, giving it the right feel, and discovering with you the tone and magic that your personality can bring to a musical piece.”
Eli Jacob

Founder and Vocal Coach

Meet Our Vocal Coaches

Everybody starts somewhere. Learn more about your vocal coach.

Eli Jacob

Eli Jacob

San Diego, USA

I’ve worked with the biggest names in the industry and I can give you the tools to become a great performer.

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Will Patterson

Will Patterson

Toronto, Canada

For the past 10 years I've taught across all styles and I know how to connect you with your voice.

View Will's bio

Frequent Questions

Have a question that is not answered below, just let us know.

Can anyone learn to sing?
Yes! Learning to sing can seem daunting at first because there are so many distinct skills that need to be developed. You need a vocal coach that is always considering every facet of your progress to make this process as fun and fast as possible. We have students of all ages and levels, who are consistently surprised at how quickly they see results with our method.
How long until I see results?
You will notice a shift in your approach to singing after the first lesson. Our approach facilitates a speed of development that always surprises and amazes our students, so you should see improvement in your recording every single week. The amount of improvement will depend on how often and intently you practice as well as your openness to trying new techniques. We feel confident saying that you will see results from every session!
What if I don’t live close to a VocalStudio location?
If you don’t live close to a VocalStudio location you can join our students worldwide who take lessons with us via Skype. Book your first free lesson here!
How much does it cost?

At VocalStudio we understand that artists have differing goals and needs at different times in their development, which is why we always schedule a discounted trial session to determine how we can best work together at this point in your journey. We design a personalised plan just for you, and offer pricing in line with how we can help you in the areas you need, within your schedule and budget. Find out about what happens in a trial session here.

When are you available to give lessons?

We teach every day except Wednesdays, 12pm-8pm on weekdays and 10am-5pm on weekends. Availability is on a first scheduled, first served basis, with most of our students booking evenings during the week and afternoons on the weekend. Once we find a regular time that works for you, we will assure you that your time is secure every week.

Why should I take lessons at VocalStudio?
VocalStudio is not your standard lesson centre. We are a cool, exciting studio where you will learn to sing through recording, and develop all the skills you need to be a great singer with our Master Vocal Coach guiding you every step of the way. You will notice improvements in your singing every week and set real, measurable goals for vocal success.

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Just. Do. It.
“Usually when students take music lessons, they learn exercises and repertoire but aren’t really encouraged to develop their own style. Exercise without awareness and purpose is a long and inherently incomplete road to developing artistry. There’s so many facets of artist development and we cover them all at VocalStudio.”
Will Patterson

Toronto Vocal Coach