Will Patterson

Vocal Coach & Artist

One of my fondest memories as a child was listening to blues and rock with my father.

I was transfixed by the virtuosity of the guitarists and raw passion of the vocalists. One day we were in the car listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan and I said “I’m going to do that!” he turned the car around and drove straight to the closest music store to buy me my first guitar. Ever since, music has been central to my life.

In high-school I was fortunate to have great music teachers and took a course in vocal music, where I was introduced to the classical approach and compositions with harmony.

I joined a heavy metal band named Exile and developed my ability to sing powerfully. After studying Recording Arts at Ryerson, I was able to get work teaching voice at a local music school during the days and also do live sound for an urban music showcase at night.

I continued to develop as a voice coach while broadening my musical horizons to include Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul and Gospel. A few years ago I was recruited to sing for a symphonic metal band named Operus. The founder was looking for a vocalist who had a classical sound but could also do raspy and distorted sounds in a healthy way.

It has become my specialty as a vocalist to sing in many styles and as a coach to help artists realize the range of expression possible in the voice.

An artist’s approach to vocals is linked to their self concept, and through the exploration of new sounds a profound expansion of character is experienced. This is the philosophy I bring to coaching and I believe Artist Success Method is the best way to facilitate this growth in the shortest amount of time.

VocalStudio’s training style is unlike any other vocal coach I’ve ever been to. It combines vocal coaching with professional recording techniques. An invaluable experience for any artist starting out or continuing to work on their craft.”


Aaron Williams

Singer, Toronto, Canada

Will Patterson is a fantastic teacher and voice coach. He has a great understanding of the human voice and is able to easily convey his ideas and instructions. VocalStudio is the best place to take voice lessons.”


John Force

Musician, Toronto, Canada

More About Will

Some tidbits that might be interesting.

What’s your favourite song from the 80’s?

Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden.

Who is your favorite band?

Tower of Power

What do you love most about being a vocal coach?

For me, it’s always more than just the music. There’s a breakthrough moment where an artist discovers, “Whoa, I can actually do that?” What that means is that they’ve opened themselves up a little bit more. They’ll be able to hold back less and challenge themselves to reach a higher level.

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