Eli Jacob

Vocal Coach & Founder

From a young age, I was always dancing and performing. I would breakdance in the living room and salsa in the kitchen. I loved to mimic Michael Jackson. When I was 8, I was a lead vocalist in the Russian Orchestra and got to tour all over Europe. My family moved to Israel. The move exposed me to incredible new cultures and music far different from the classical repertoire I was used to. Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Turkish, Hebrew, and, of course, English.

At 14, we moved to Canada and I became fascinated with pop culture so I began to sing, write and compose in English. It was a tough transition and I had a lot to learn about what’s cool in Western pop culture. Fate put me in touch with a talented producer who worked with big names like Celine Dion and Sean Desmond. Dabbling in different genres helped me figure out who I was and what I liked. I started writing my own tracks and performing my music all over the world, while also working as an artist mentor for some of the biggest record companies around the world like Sony, Warner, Universal and BMG Japan.

Most vocal coaches don’t have the know-how or real industry experience that is necessary to fast-track artist development.

When you coach a vocalist, you’re not just listening to how they hit a note – that’s not enough. You’re thinking about their persona as an artist, how to accent and augment words, how to do a vocal take on a track. I wanted more than just vocal exercises from my vocal coach. I needed help and guidance as an artist. This is what I saw was lacking, so after years of experience and personal success I decided develop Artist Success Method to help singers develop into artists and performers.

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Some tidbits that might interest you.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever performed?

South of France in a castle. It was a private show. It was right after the rain and the streets were sparkling.

Where are you most inspired?

I think the best and the clearest at the airport. I get so inspired; I write a lot of songs at the airport.

Do you have any performance rituals for before a show?

Go to the bathroom.

Eli Jacob is the best example of excellence in teaching and training vocal techniques, as well as stage presence, performance and guidance in the whole experience of being an artist! He has an astounding command of a huge array of styles and languages, as well as an amazing vocal range.

Very professional and friendly! Highly recommended! Whatever you need as an artist (voice training, video production, artist development) his studio will help you bring out your best! ”


Brigit O'Regan

Singer, Toronto, Canada