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Eli has been amazing in making me feel comfortable and providing incredible results, just after the first session! I would recommend VocalStudio to anyone, anyday, the results are there, the energy is amazing, and the future is bright.”


Elena Kulikova

Singer, Toronto, Canada

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Eli Jacob

Eli Jacob

San Diego, USA

I’ve worked with the biggest names in the industry and I can give you the tools to become a great performer.

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Will Patterson

Will Patterson

Toronto, Canada

For the past 10 years I've taught across all styles and I know how to connect you with your voice.

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I worked with Will on an original song that I’ve performed hundreds of times. In just one session, he showed me ways to sing my song more powerfully and with more ease than I’ve ever experienced. I feel like I might not have ever achieved such control in my lifetime if I tried to do it alone. It was an incredible experience.”


Dylan Hennessy

Musician, Toronto, Canada

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