Dinara Rudan

Vocal Coach & Artist

I was born in Latvia and by the age of 9 began studying in music school.

It was actually my primary music school teacher who recognized my talent and sent me to the concourse to sing. That was the beginning of my never-ending love story with music.

After I finished music college, I achieved my masters in Opera from the Latvian Academy of Music in 2001.

I went on to front a band called Rock5 that I’ve now been performing with for more than 8 years. My love of performing only grew stronger as I developed my voice. Every single performance became special and unforgettable.

Performing is like falling in love over and over again, and I feel blessed to experience that every time I step on the stage.

When I’m performing, I feel the message of the song and share my energy with the audience. Teaching is very similar.

When I’m working as a vocal coach, I’m helping people really hear themselves and to be in harmony with the music. Since 2010, I’ve been helping people explore their inner selves and strengthen their voice. That changes everything for them. They learn that their voice is a unique instrument that can develop and evolve. Becoming a vocal coach was a natural extension of my work as a performer. I savour the moments when my students start their musical love story.

Dinara has been amazing at guiding me as an artist and giving me the tools to achieve more flexibility and dynamic with my voice, which really helps on stage and in the studio”


Ivan Zmitrovich

Singer, Riga, Latvia

Dinara has awoken my passion for music and voice, when I lost my voice a few years ago she was able to help me regain my full range”


Oksana Polukejeva

Singer, Riga, Latvia

More About Dinara

Some tidbits that might be interesting.

Who was your vocal idol growing up?

Stevie Wonder

What’s the best piece of advice you give to young singers?

Never stop exploring your voice

What is your biggest musical accomplishment?

Reaching new levels every day!

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Free, intuitive, energized

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